I am a grandmother paddling alone over 2,500 miles from Maine to Guatemala. Along the way I will be:
- telling the story of the children who live in the Guatemala City garbage dump community
- honoring their entrepreneurial mothers
- talking about the success of the Safe Passage model school and
- raising funds for additional grades for the school.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Paddle Day 75: Predawn Paddle, Dolphins, Fluid Plans, and Photo Shoot

Predawn start from N.C. Maritime Museum
On the water before dawn to deal with the currents.  Delighted by lots of dolphins and birds.  Headwinds caused an early stop so there would be time for the photographer from Canoe and Kayak to do a photo shoot.
Packing up the kayak in the dark was a challenge, but necessary to catch a favorable current.  Found a problem with a predawn start.  It was light enough to see the land, but not enough light to see the charts.  I should have reviewed them before hitting the water.

Once the sun came up I saw lots of dolphins around the ships at Morehead City.  Scared a flock of terns off one of the ships.
Here come the birds!
The plans for today kept changing.  First I was going to paddle to my hosts home on Emerald Isle, but the wind was too high and coming from the wrong direction to cross the shallow Bogue Bay.  My next plan was to make it a short day and paddle only 10 miles to Spooners Creek Marina.  But once I arrived there at 9 am and had a nice break with the friendly staff there, I decided to carry on to the next known stopping place which was at Goose Creek.  But the winds picked up and slowed me down so much that I was worried about landing in time for the scheduled photo shoot with a photographer from Canoe and Kayak.   I needed to find a place to land.  Then a kayaker came out of nowhere.  Jeff had seen the website and had set out to find me.
Jeff Michael brought his local knowledge - right when I really needed it!
I was so happy to have a local person who could suggest a nearby landing spot: the Osprey Oaks Marina.  Quick calls to my host, Tess, and the photographer, Hillary, lead to a convergence at the little marina with a really helpful owner.

The two hour photo shoot was fun and I can't wait until March when the article comes out!
Hillary, her assistant and Deb as the model
Paddle Day: 75                                                       
Date: Dec 11, 2014
Start: Beaufort, NC                                          
End: Broad Creek, NC
Distance: 18.7 miles                                                   
Paddle, hike, bike distance: 1047.4 miles
Motor portaged: 264 miles
Total distance: 1311.4 miles
Max speed:  5.5 mph                                               
Moving ave.: 3.2 mph
Kayak storage:  Osprey Oaks Marina                               
Hosts: Tess Malijenovsky

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