I am a grandmother paddling alone over 2,500 miles from Maine to Guatemala. Along the way I will be:
- telling the story of the children who live in the Guatemala City garbage dump community
- honoring their entrepreneurial mothers
- talking about the success of the Safe Passage model school and
- raising funds for additional grades for the school.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Week Post Surgery: Smiling in Savannah

Steak and blue cheese pastry with tea.  Must be in England?
The first week of recovery had its ups and downs.  Instant relief from the nerve related pain in shoulder and arm is a huge up!  Severe restrictions on movement, drugged by painkillers, and discouragement over not kayaking are downs.  But plans are percolating for the rest of the expedition.
Steve and Sue Hoffius were great post-op hosts in Charleston, but I wasn't much of a guest.  I spent most of the time in bed.
I've been screwed!  Check out the new titanium spacer!
Steve and Sue then offered us the use of their apartment in Savannah for more recovery.  It's great spending the week right off of Forsyth Park in the historic district.  The location is ideal for my recovery instructions: exercise, walk for 15 minutes, rest and repeat every hour.  In Maine I would be walking through the snow.  Here I walk through the park and along the streets of historic homes, with the spanish moss draped over the trees, and the camellias and magnolias in bloom.
Angel Monument, live oaks and spanish moss in Bonaventure Cemetery
Camellias are everywhere!

Chris and I are setting up a few local presentations in this area.  The first will be Thursday, Feb 12 at the Savannah Kayak Company at 6 pm in the evening.  Thanks, Nigel and Kristen!
With Kristen and Nigel in their shop with GREAT gear!
Once we find out how long I need to remain in the area for followup treatment, we can find out how fast we will be heading down the coast towards Guatemala.  The expedition will continue as before with me stopping along the way to share the stories of the Safe Passage children.  The only difference will be that, instead of sitting inside the kayak, I'll be sitting under the kayak, as it rides along on top of our car on the handy Yakima kayak rack.

We should know next week more about when I will be cleared to drive, to ride in a boat, to walk on uneven ground, etc.  Kayaking of course will come much later.

Some local kayakers are offering to kayak sections of the route for me.  Patito Amistoso likes that idea, as it would get him back out on the water much sooner.

Thanks everyone for the many messages of support!


  1. You will be successful. Have friends in FL awaiting your arrival.

  2. You will be successful. Have friends in FL awaiting your arrival.