I am a grandmother paddling alone over 2,500 miles from Maine to Guatemala. Along the way I will be:
- telling the story of the children who live in the Guatemala City garbage dump community
- honoring their entrepreneurial mothers
- talking about the success of the Safe Passage model school and
- raising funds for additional grades for the school.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Paddle Day 8: Rotary, Interview, Beat up by the Wind, and Magic on Daufuski

The Island Packet Photographer on the dock
What a day!  Breakfast Rotary meeting, followed by conference call, then a media interview and  onto the water and paddling into the wind.  Finally reached Daufuski to a huge reception, a chance to give an impromptu talk about Safe Passage, and then a wonderful evening with inspiring conversation.
Had a chance to talk briefly about Safe Passage at a breakfast Rotary meeting on Hilton Head, but had to leave early for a Rotary conference call.  As soon as I hung up, had a call from David Lauderdale, the reporter from the Island Packet and the Beaufort Gazette.  He also sent a photographer to meet me as I launched.  You can read his article in The Island Packet.

It was difficult to leave Hilton Head because I had enjoyed the people so much.
Leaving my new BFF's.
The winds were wicked as I headed to Daufuski.  I was creeping along, despite having the current with me  much of the time.  But it was a beautiful paddle.  I was hugging the shores so that I could get a little relief from the winds.  But at times I found myself going aground on sandbars.  The charts are not accurate for the sand bars, as they shift with every storm.  Every time I hit bottom, I would wonder which direction to quickly head to get back into deep water before the outgoing tide left me stranded.  Each time, I would see dolphins guiding me back to deeper water.
Pelican taking off in front of me
When I reached the dock at Daufuski, it was covered with women with glasses of wine.  What a welcome.
Daufuski reception
Couldn't believe they were there for me.  They were not.  They were there for a meeting about tennis.

Chase, Deb and Rachel at their Iron Fish shop, studio and home
Had a wonderful evening with Chase and Rachel Allen.  Chase studied business at university, and took an elective in his last semester - pottery.  He fell in love with the process of creating art, and at the young age of 24 became an artist on Daufuski, a small island community you can only reach by boat.  I was so inspired by someone who listened to his heart at such a young age.

Home, studio and store
They live in a an old Gullah house that they have restored.  The studio in in an out building.  The porch is the gallery/store.  It's an honor system.  When they are not there, folks are asked to leave a check, or just take the art and call in a credit card number later.  It works.
Check out his art at Iron Fish Art.  He was selected as the Martha Stewart 2014 American Made Winner.  Check out his blog on her site: Chase Allen Blog.
Chase in workshop with amazing art
Chase showed me the community farm that he helped set up on the island.  While many build on Daufuski by cutting down the trees, burning them and then bringing in lumber.  For the farm they cut down the trees, and then milled them into the lumber for the farm.  What a simple concept.

Also check out his kayaking business: Tour Daufuski

Gratitude List:
  1. Dolphins leading me to deep water
  2. Young girl on the dock holding my paddle for me
  3. Conversations about following your heart
  4. Meeting such wonderful people
  5. Refreshing raw goat milk

Date: October 13, 2015                                                    Restart Paddle Day: 8
Start location: Hilton Head,  South Carolina                      Launch time: 1:00 pm
End location:  Daufuski                                                    Land time: 4:35 pm
Average speed: 2.9 mph                                                   Max Speed: 5.1 mph
Miles: 11
Total expedition miles with kayak: 1667                           Motor-portage miles: 330
Kayak Storage: The Iron Fish
Hosts: Chase and Rachel Allen

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