I am a grandmother paddling alone over 2,500 miles from Maine to Guatemala. Along the way I will be:
- telling the story of the children who live in the Guatemala City garbage dump community
- honoring their entrepreneurial mothers
- talking about the success of the Safe Passage model school and
- raising funds for additional grades for the school.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Paddle Day 1: Launch Day!

Finally!  Today I set off paddling from Maine to Guatemala.
Deb and her four new kayaking friends!

Four kayakers joined me on the first day's paddle to Portland, and I now have four new paddling friends!  We were met with perfect sunny weather and incredibly calm seas for the 12 miles to Portland.  What an auspicious beginning for the expedition.

By paddling with local paddlers I was able to learn more about the route ahead for the next few days.  I was happy when Bob offered to paddle with me on Monday as well.  So for the first three days of paddling, this solo expedition is turning into fun day paddles with new friends.  How long will the trend continue?

You can follow my progress in real time, mile by mile, as well as seeing the route for the next paddling day at: https://share.delorme.com/DebWalters

A highlight of the day was getting messages from Angel, the child I sponsor at Safe Passage, and his friends.  Next week I'll be skyping with the children at Safe Passage so we can talk some more.

Angel and friends.
I am waiting for you in Guatemala.

Good luck on your voyage
Many thanks, godmother Deb!!
I love you a lot!
Paddle Day: 1                                                     Date: July 11, 2014
Start: Yarmouth, ME                                          End: Portland
Distance: 11.9 miles                                           Total distance: 11.9
Max speed: 3.1 mph                                           Moving ave.: 2.7 mph
Kayak storage: Portland Paddle                          Hosts: Casco Bay Friends of Safe Passage

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  1. nice fotos from a great looking kid, see you there